Thassos White Marble: The Whitest Marble in the world

Greece is a country known all over the world both for its beautiful islands and its Mediterranean climate as well as for its excellent cuisine and hospitality.

Additionally, Greece is also known for the Thassos White Marble, which is considered the Whitest Marble in the world. Thassos White Marble is considered the Whitest of the White marble.

Thassos White marble slab
Thassos White

Origin of the Product

Thassos White Marble is quarried on the island of Thassos in the northern Aegean Sea. The island of Thassos has been known since ancient times for its rich subsoil in iron, gold and the unique white marble.

Thassos White_Marble quarry

Properties of the Product

  • It is the whitest marble in the world.
  • It is a dolomitic marble, concerning its composition.
  • It takes excellent polishing due to its texture.
  • The small crystals make it particularly shiny.
  • It is considered as a “smart” marble.
  • It absorbs moisture due to the fine pores during the night and during the date it expels what it had absorbed the previous night.
  • It has increased thermal conductivity, keeping the surfaces cool.
  • It is considered the most dense marble in the world.

Use of the Product

Thassos White Marble adorns monuments and luxurious projects all over the world. Its use is evident in various parts of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul as well as in the National Opera of Georgia. Additionally it is the main marble in many buildings in the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. It stands out as the main marble in the Presidential Reception Hall at Abu Dhabi Airport. It is worth mentioning that it is the marble with which the sculpture “The Victory of Samothrace” was made.

Due to its crystalline appearance, Thassos White Marble is the ideal choice for architecture and decoration, giving a sense of timelessness, elegance and luxury. It can be used on both floors and wall claddings. It is considered an excellent choice for bathrooms, due to the purity of its color. The minimalism of Thassos White Marble gives a sense of uniqueness and eternity to modern furniture.

Thassos White_wall cladding
Thassos White_Bathroom (Polished finish)
Thassos White Tiles (Raked)
Thassos White_Wall Cladding (Raked finish)

Thassos White Marble is available in both Slabs 2cm, Slabs 3cm, various dimensions 2cm and Tiles 1cm.


Thassos White Marble is available in polished, honed, brushed and raked finishes.

Acropole Marble company is considered the hub for Thassos White Marble. Thassos White Marble is the flagship material of the company and is available in both Slabs 2cm and Slabs 3cm. It is also available in various dimensions of 2cm as well as in Tiles 1cm.

The showroom of Acropole Marble company, in the Industrial Park of Prosotsani in Drama, is a source of inspiration for architects and designers who want to give their projects the glamor and luxury that the Thassos White Marble stands for.

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