Thassos White

Thassos White is a crystallic dolomite marble. Taking its name from the Greek Island of Thassos where it has been quarried since ancient times, it is considered the whitest marble on Earth.

Thassos White is our company’s flagship marble.

It is available in Slabs 2cm, Slabs 3cm and in the following sizes of Tiles 1cm: 30.5X30.5cm (12X12’’), 30.5X61cm (12X24’’), 45.7X45.7cm (18X18’’), 40.6X40.6cm (16X16’’), 15.25X30.5cm (6X12’’), 7.62X30.5cm (3X12’’), 10.16X30.5cm (4X12’’), 7.62X15.25cm (3X6’’), 15.25X61cm (6X24’’) and 61X61cm (24X24’’).

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