Thassos White quarry


The quest of source

Sivec White quarryVolakas White quarry

Imperial White quarry (Kallistone White)Hermes Silver quarry

Searching for exceptional quality raw materials, selecting the purest marble blocks to enrich our portfolio.

Hermes Silver quarry blocksHermes White quarry

Quarries with large volume reserves, equipped with the latest technology (Chain-Saw machines, Diamond-Wire machines, etc…) and well-trained personnel on the marble extraction methods.

Aliveri Grey quarryAegean Silver (Silver Grey) quarry

Supplying our customers with materials of White, Semi-White, Grey, Beige and the most popular colours from the world known Greek quarries.

Pindos Green Grey quarryAdria Beige quarry

To ensure the appropriate quality and support the projects of the market, at all times.

Levadia Black quarry